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Holly Stewart, Sales Associate

Your Senior Real Estate Specialist - SRES

The National Association of Realtors recognized the specialized need of seniors and their families to sell an established home quickly and effectively. They have established a designation for realtors called Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES). To earn designation a realtor goes through a comprehensive program which qualifies them to know how to work with seniors in the 50+ real estate market.


Specialties characteristic to an SRES designated agent would include:

  • Knowledge of senior communities and housing restrictions
  • Ability to work with seniors on sensitive issues when selling their property
  • Understanding how real estate impacts Medicare and Medicaid laws
  • Knowledge of retirement accounts such as 401k and IRA Accounts in relationship to real estate purchases
  • Expertise in bringing in help with downsizing, packing, moving and relocation
  • Resources to work as a team of realtors throughout the United States for relocation purposes.


With more of the Senior population downsizing or moving there has been a growing need for moving companies to specialize in the needs of seniors and their families. Some moving companies have added a department just for moving seniors.

Senior Moving services may include:

  • Organizing and packing items and unpacking at the new home
  • Downsizing by disposing of unneeded items
  • Disconnecting electronics and reconnecting after the move
  • Placing furniture, rugs and household items
  • Personnel skilled to help with the emotional transition of seniors